Tech love, that is. Finding the right tech relationships can be frustrating at best and heart-breaking at worst. Traditional staffing sources can be cumbersome and costly and new online bulletin boards can feel too random and anonymous.  For those looking for fulfilling and successful tech engagements, let Skilled Shift be your cupid.

Skilled Shift has a tech-powered platform for matching clients with tech freelancers.  We test and pre-qualify freelancers to eliminate the deadbeats and otherwise unreliable people lurking on the Internet. Our freelancer network includes only those who are very committed, passionate about their work, collaborative and proven successful remote workers.  Plus, we test their technical skills so that profiles reflect reality.

Skilled Shift also serves the tech talent interested in joining the third of the labor force that has already discovered the freedom and pleasure of being a freelancer.  No one wants to be in a controlling relationship and tied to a desk – there’s no fun in that kind of bondage.  Skilled Shift takes the pain out of freelancing by being a source of steady quality projects and helping clients articulate what they want.

Skilled Shift provides an engagement manager who translates the business requirements into tech requirements, bridging the gap between Mars and Venus.  We ensure that a project begins with a scope document to maximize the productivity and pleasure of our matches’ time together.  Skilled Shift recommends a collaboration suite to ensure seamless communication.  After all, the key to a good relationship is good communication.

If, for whatever reason, the chemistry isn’t right between client and freelancer, Skilled Shift will make a new match within 48 hours to minimize disruption to the project.

The Internet has dramatically changed the way people find love and work. While swiping left and right may feel right for one night, we can’t take those chances in our professional lives.  Skilled Shift offers the tech-enabled platform to build solid working relationships that are fulfilling for both sides.  Love what you do, do what you love.

For more information on finding the best tech contractors, contact us or 866-688-4199.

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