Having a mobile-friendly website for your business is not just a no-brainer.  It’s a must.  And not for the reasons you might think.  You are probably aware that nearly everyone is accessing your website from their smartphones.  But you may not know that if your website is not mobile-friendly, not only do you lack credibility, but Google will literally penalize your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking, even if you are doing everything else right.  That means your customers and potential customers won’t find you.  Mobile-friendly websites, (unlike mobile apps), are also much more friendly to Google’s web crawlers, so your business will become discoverable.  If you do nothing else, the most important step to improving your Google Ranking, is to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.  (Note – we can also tell you what else you can and should do to improve your ranking).  Also, if your mobile website is terrible, you can almost guarantee that no one will use your app, as they will expect the same result.  Ensuring a great mobile experience is directly correlated to mobile app success.

Does your business need an app?  Not necessarily. Most consumers typically go to a mobile website first and if they plan to make a significant investment of time on your website both now and in the future, then they will download your app.  The great news about having an app for your business?  Google is improving its mobile app web crawlers which will in turn likely increase your SEO ranking.  Having an app also allows your customers to interact with you in a way that will specifically add value to your customer and your business.  For example, if you know your clients and what they want, you can increase your ROI and create recurring revenue by providing an app that is designed to offer those services and products directly without the friction of otherwise generic informational pages on your website.

What is the good news for start-ups and established businesses alike regarding mobile optimization and mobile apps?  There are now a lot of affordable options out there that provide nearly automatic mobile optimization.  Likewise, gone are the days where your only option (read: an expensive one) is to build 2 apps:  one app native to Apple (i.e. Objective C/iOS) and another native to Android (i.e. Java).   Rather you can build an application once and migrate it to both platforms simultaneously.  Whether this solution is right for you depends on your business objectives and budget.  Skilled Shift exists to help businesses and start-ups leverage these cost-effective technologies and to translate business requirements into technical ones.


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